Sesslyth and Ezekiel

Sesslyth color final 1000x1092
Sesslyth and Ezekiel
Sesslyth modelingsheet final
Model sheet
Conceptsheet07 final 2000x1680
Concept Sheet

This piece was done for the Dominance War III game art character design competition.

For the contest, they give you a premise for a game character - in this case, must not use technology,
must use specific types of magic, must have a magic artifact, must be able to do battle with robots,
but incorporate your sponsoring forum's team logo/colors, etcetera. For the Concept Art division,
we had to include a full-color posed shot, a sheet full of front, back, and side views,
something a 3D artist could build a model from, and one sheet showing miscellaneous development images.
And then let everyone create the coolest thing they can. There was a wide variety of characters.
It may sound like the restrictions were tight but they were really just rough guidelines, not overly limiting at all.